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New Gondoliers

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Escape Town

New Gondoliers

Prime Render Records 2021, recorded at Prime Render Studios.  All rights reserved

produced by Frane Duilo, Alen Čelić, Veljko Popović

recorded by Frane Duilo


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About the band

The Split band New Gondoliers is led by singer and guitarist Alen Čelić, who, in addition to music, is also involved in theater. Their music reveals various influences, but it could be said that it is mostly on the trail of alternative country / americana.

Allen’s energetic and theatrical approach to concerts is always intriguing, and as he is prone to experimentation and constant reinterpretation of songs, it can be said that each of their concerts is a kind of surprise, as is the line-up of the band.



New Gondoliers are:


Alen Čelić, Vocals and guitar


Veljko Popović, drums and back vocals


Rudolf Vučemilović, bass guitar


Duje Ružičić, trumpet, harmonica

“Allen describes their style as “gentleman pop“. We will use the title of one of their songs - Fancy & rough!“

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Excited to promote our new record at the Lauba show!

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