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About the band

New Gondoliers is a Croatian-based indie-folk / alternative music band. At the core of the band is Alen Čelić, a singer-songwriter and performance artist. Alen lived most of his youth in Berlin, Germany where he performed in theaters, wrote his music and studied stage movement. Over 10 years ago upon his return to Croatia, Alen Čelić and Veljko Popović formed a duo that worked on songs written by Alen in his career of over 30 years. About two years ago they invited their long time friend Frane Duilo and started recording what would become the first official album of songs by Alen Čelić and the debut album of the New Gondoliers. Along the road, Duje Ružičić and Rudolf Vučemilović joined Alen and Veljko to form the core of the band. 


New Gondoliers are:


Alen Čelić, Vocals and guitar


Veljko Popović, drums and back vocals


Rudolf Vučemilović, bass guitar


Nina Ipavec, back vocals, rhythm guitar


Matija Petrić, saxophone


Duje Ružičić, trumpet, harmonica

“Alen Čelić, the bands frontman describes their style as “gentleman pop“. You could also use the title of their song - ``Fancy & rough!“


“Indiedock” music blog
The Croatian singer-songwriter Alen Čelić has spent more than 20 years of his creative life in Berlin and is now returning with his new project New Gondoliers to capture and form a collection of his own songs as an album. The band’s debut album is called ‘Escape Town’ and contains 10 songs.

‘Parachuter’ blooms with pleasant country rock with a great ensemble arrangement. The vocals of sound insightful and truthful. The song tells a life story that is fascinating and calming. The track ‘Lowland Wind’ has the energetic rhythm of a fast train that carries via vast expanses of wildlife where people are delighted with the grandeur of these landscapes and impending adventures.

‘Boys from the South’ soft rock composition with a light drive and a colorful composition.

The track ‘Escape Town’ got a Balkan wind in American sound. Beautiful lyrics and a pleasant vocal timbre give a good mood.

‘Hotels Motels’ This is a cool blues song with a rocky sound and a strange and clockwork atmosphere.

Listen to the full album ‘New Gondoliers Escape Town’ from New Gondoliers on Spotify below and enjoy the quality sounds of Croatian rock n roll.

NACIONAL newspaper reveals its list of best albums in 2021. Journalist, music critic and radio host Ante Marković includes “Escape Town” in his list of best albums in 2021.

The article

„Escape Town“ je ukopan u topli južnjački zvuk iz kojeg progovaraju narativi Elvisa Costella, Boba Dylana i J.J. Calea i posjeduje karakteristike albuma ceste. No radi se o zanimljivoj igri podneblja i glazbene priče. Glazba odgovara narativu neke mitske vožnje američkom cestom Route 66, ali tekstovi kroje drukčiji krajolik, onaj mediteranski.

The article



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