I remember when I was a parachuter

parachutin’ into your bedroom

once or twice a week

like a kamikaze

livin’ just for the jump

and then I turned into a spider

hangin’ in the corner of your room

climbin’ down,

ticklin’ your nose at night

sometimes you smiled

but turned to the other side

well, things just kept on changin’

became a pedestrian in your street

walkin’ and wonderin’ what it’s like

to be invisible

walkin’ your street    

I wish I was invisible

passin’ your house

I wish I was invisible

turnin’ away    … I wish I was …

turnin’ away    … I wish I was …

… kamikaze again


Spent a long time away from home

among strangers in foreign lands

but nowhere, buddy,

found a place to stay    

nice towns and some pretty girls

gave me rest in short terms

the ‘ramblin man”s  my middle name

lowland wind’s blowin’ strong again            

remember my buddies

and the honky tonks

my first love and grandpa’s horse

ridin’ through the fields

of our homeland

lowland wind’ s blowin’ strong again  

and then goodbye and farewell

she wrote ‘once you’ re ramblin’

you may easily lose the last chance

for gettin’ your heart at it’s place

 it’s so true

lowland wind’s blowin’ strong again  

take me back to where I belong            

these old bones I’m gonna lay down  

and rest in the soft lowland ground    

lowland wind’ blowin’ strong again  


Train’s left the station

there’s people on the platform

far from home … left on their own

with no welcome at all

bags are packed with stories

that no one really wants to hear

pay ’em a drink … you can be that kind

but don’t lend ’em an ear

– get away – get out of this town –

no one really wants you around

It’s been raining for days

Station Square’s a busy place

people bump into one another

‘hey, buddy, don’t bother …

do you know a cheap hotel?’

there’s a clown making poses

an old man waitin’ with faded roses

lady seeks affection …

a diplomat missed his connection

a drunk talkin’ to himself

– get away – get out of this town –

no one really wants you around  

walkin’ round Station Square

and I’m bound to leave today

I have a story I’ve never told no one before

lend me an ear and I’ll walk you to the train

– get away – get out of this town –

no one really wants you around

– this city is all I have –


Woke up before dawn,

to a jackal’s lonesome call

before dawn

saddled up my dreamscape horse

and rode down the valley below

on my dreamscape horse

passed a place called Zagvozd,

met cousins I’d never seen before round Zagvozd

they took me to a border town, told me

‘here you’re homeward bound’

small border town

road sign Ljubuški jackal County

on the road to Imocki

ridin’ for too long, lookin’ for a girl

on a dreamscape horse for too long

roadsigns and devastated graves, letters

engrave my family name on devastated graves

roadsign Ljubuski

Jackal County

on the road to Imocki

lonely road to Vinjani

lonely road to Zmijavci

lonely road to Sovici

lonely road to Studenci

lonely road to Ljubuški


Hey, thanks for the car, it won’t take to long

I only wanna take her home

I’ll be back in an hour, but if I don’t

I’ll drive up into the hills

probably alone, but you never know

hey, thanks for the car

we’re sitting quietly, somehow started talking

nice’n’senseless & then quiet again

now, was it despair, was it out of blue

we started kissin’,

found a reason for undressin’

somebody knockin,z sayin’: that’s my parking lot!

OK, then let’s drive up the hills

we missed the way, took the wrong freeway

way south, OK, then let’s drive south

put the music on, don’t say a word

and keep your head on my lap

your hands under my shirt & we leaned into the curves

that borrowed car was a dream

– mountain roads keep you free

we fell in love with that ’83 bordeaux red

Volkswagen limousine

passed through tunnels

– swiss mountain roads

and reached the Italian lake

so this is South, this feels home

it’s a pity, you said, we don’t really belong

but there’s the lake, there’s you & me

feeding geese Parmiggiano cheese

grappa e cafe & your beautiful pair of legs

and then elegantly drove into the woods

everything was great except mud & rain

but I promised I’d rape you sometime

you smiled

uncomfy’n’wet, cigarettes tasted bad

and we rushed to the car

then the carabineri – you & me without IDs

‘what’s your destination?’ I said: ‘Mohaki’

‘oh, my uncle lives there – drive on, take care’

he let us slip away, but where the hell’s Mohaki?


Dunno how I got in that cabaret hallway          

felt like I had only been blind before               

Barbara appeared

and everything started to twirl ’round

we sat in the back row

but the show was fake

she’s slidin’ down to the floor

the audience seemed dead

someone passed – I reckoned – my girlfriend

I remembered her back

– but forgotten her face

Barbara’s naked – her body stretched

she said: I have the power

you have the strength

you make me feel younger

make me forget my man

boys from the South

comin’ with big guitars

charmin’ young girls  

makin’ love to women in their 40s

playin’ big guitars & charmin’

ladies in their best years


Here come the autumn days

you walk the streets alone

paintin’ pictures in your head

of a place you’d wish to go

if you can’t be with the one you keep

in the corner of your heart …    

Escape Town

come on and lay your roots down

you stay awake all night

tryin’ to read the stars

with new colours in your mind

have you known you’d be apart

the one you leave is the one you keep

in the corner of your heart

Escape Town

will you ever lay your roots down

you’re beautiful, you’re faithful to me

we always meet

in our daydream

Escape Town

it’s time to lay your roots down


Couldn’t remember last night’s dream

and only fell back asleep

wakin’ again, found myself drinkin’

at a desert water-hole

welcome to African South-west

in the water I saw a leopard’s face,

myself in a brand new leopard dress

must admit I felt a bit strange

turnin’ to animals don’t happen every day

but that black & gold dress looked good on me

malaria dream

new neighbourhood really makes one tough,

hunt new friends every day

love my neighbours, by god

I also love mankind

need some fresh blood to keep me on my feet

malaria dream

way back in Europe

sickness & rainy season’s goin’ on

my best friends tell me

yes, they tell me ‘Profylaxe’

when I’m in town, I need to get away

when I’m happy, can’t make it stay

like a mosquito red-red-ready,

like leopard’ teeth always a bit bloody

while the black & gold dress

looks good on me

malaria dream


Hotels motels corridor romance

make a wish

rooms & numbers

choose where to slumber

make a wish

champagne cocaine hypnotic cocktails

make a wish

a new mansion brings a new tension

make a wish

make a wish before you check in

do you wish to meet someone

you’ve only seen in your dreams?

hotels motels

when you leave,

you leave the door open & make a wish

welcome, welcome

here’s room for everyone

make a wish

make a wish before you check in

do you wish to meet someone

you’ve only seen  in your dreams?

but there’s only you,

Ms Receptionist please

hand me the key

do you feel alone

walking down this corridor

every door looks the same

as my bedroom door …  

back at home evrything’s the same

back at home everything’s the same

make  a  wish


Could it be that I’m blind – today

when you call my name

could it be that I’m blind – today

when you cross my way

but I’m so glad things can change

hope it won’t last just for a day

no more I like strawberries

your lips tasted like strawberries

and the holiness of your embrace

now’s a fairy-tale from outta space

but I’m so glad things can change

hope it won’t last for a day

used to wake at 5 am just to see

if you were in my dream

but since I found the ship’s sailed

there’s no place we could meet

and I’m so glad things can change

hope it won’t last just for a day

hey hey bye bye

gettin’ you off o my mind


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